Based in San Francisco and Seattle with a background in corporate finance, having been a CFO for start-ups and multinationals, I focus on creating imagery that boosts R.O.I and complements your business strategy. 
I first got into photography when, having always focused on the analytical left side of my brain, I started to feel the pull of something deeper. When I explored my artistic interests I discovered my skill and passion for photography. Photography gave expression to my sensitivity and inquisitiveness. Because of my experience in and love for business my expertise lies in product and lifestyle photography that strategically communicates branded stories and messages.  
I use my creative instinct and business strategy knowledge to deliver content that solves a particular business need or issue. Whether that's capturing your corporate culture and story, or showcasing your product in a way that attracts the attention of potential customers.
I understand that the client experience I create is as important as the final delivered product. On every project I work closely with my clients to develop a clear creative brief and direction that results in a product that we can both be proud of.